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1, the quality assurance manager reasonable ribs 
Recruitment number: 1 people 
Salary: Negotiable 
Work experience: 0-2 years 
Age: 18-55 years old 
Job description: 
Routine work assist quality manager. 
1, college or above. 
2, 2335 years old, the men and women is not restricted. 
3, two years working experience in QC manufacturing. 
4, familiar with QC tools and SPC system analysis tool. 
5, strong learning ability, have a certain bearing ability and communication skills. 

2, film operator 
Recruiting number: no limit 
Salary: Negotiable 
Work experience: 3-5 years 
Education: high school 
Age: 18-55 years old 
Job description: 
Male, 20-40 years old, high school or above, healthy, hard-working 
A team of master spirit, more than 3 years experience in film blowing machine boot. 
3, R & D Engineer 
Working area: Zhongshan City 

Job type: full time 
Recruitment number: 1 people 
Salary: Negotiable 
Age: 18-55 years old 
Job description: 
1, material testing, establish the material test items and test standard; 
2, the development of new products: sample test analysis, test machine proofing, follow up new product trial production 
3, summarize the problems during the trial manufacture and coordinate all related departments to solve, develop new product technical standard, working instruction; 
Analysis and treatment of abnormal 4, production, customer complaints, and follow up improvement. 
5, the daily inspection, found the problem and feedback process, improve product quality and reduce costs. 
Interested parties please contact: Miss Feng Zhang: 88433702: 88437017